Dr Rugaiyah Sahak

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Dr Rugaiyah Sahak

Dr Rugaiyah Sahak

Dr Rugaiyah Sahak, born in the heart of Negeri Sembilan stands as a dedicated and accomplished Malaysian professional in the field of medicine.

Her journey, spanning over four decades, reflects a distinguished career characterised by academic brilliance, multifaceted professional experiences, and an unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare practices.

Dr Rugaiyah Sahak's academic journey is marked by excellence, starting from her earlier years in Pusat Asasi Sains University Malaya where she was given the highest award of the year, called “The Golden Award” as being an excellent student in terms of academic as well as non- academic pursuits.

Later, she earned her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the most prestigious university in Malaysia, the University of Malaya in 2007.

Furthering her commitment to medical excellence and her love for dermatology, Dr Rugaiyah Sahak pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology in Clinical Practice, achieving Distinction at the University of South Wales, UK, in 2019.

Undeterred in her quest for knowledge, she completed her course with a renowned institute worldwide, The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2023 for Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP).

Her hunger for knowledge is evident in the multitude of courses attended. A diligent participant in an array of courses, ranging from Neonatal Resuscitation to Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound, her commitment to staying abreast of medical advancements is unwavering.

Dr Rugaiyah Sahak's journey spans diverse medical landscapes.

From her formative years as a House Officer at Hospital Taiping, Perak, to her current role, spearheading her team as the Managing Director at Golden Care Clinic Sdn Bhd with 2 branches of clinics, each step signifies a commitment to healing and care.

Her multifaceted roles previously, including leading a Klinik Kesihatan in Perak and a senior medical officer in a renowned diagnostic center, BP Healthcare Group, showcase a versatile professional with a broad spectrum of expertise.

Dr Rugaiyah SahakDr Rugaiyah Sahak's influence extends beyond clinic walls, she is being invited for interviews on TV as well as speaker to a few business conferences and have been in a few mainstream newspapers.

Her role in managing pandemic COVID-19 vaccination center in World Trade Center (WTC), Kuala Lumpur whereby she leads the team of medical personnel giving vaccination to nearly 3,000 individuals daily for 6 months highlight her amazing dedication and commitment to the people of Malaysia.

Dr Rugaiyah Sahak's membership in esteemed medical societies such as MPCAM, PERDIM, Academy of Family Physician Malaysia, and MAAFIM attests to her collaborative approach in advancing medical practices and contributing to the broader healthcare discourse.

Presently, she is leading her team in fostering a culture of wellness within the community, prioritizing proactive health measures over reactive disease management.

Beyond medical societies, Dr Rugaiyah Sahak's love for travel underscores a broader perspective on societal connections.

By embracing diverse cultures and experiences, she envisions a world where the shared thread of humanity is strengthened through travel, fostering understanding and collaboration.

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U.n.i KLINIK No 8, Jalan Boling Padang F, 13/F, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
Jalan Boling Padang F 13/F, Section 13, Shah Alam, Petaling, Selangor, 40100, Malaysia

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