About Me

As a passionate physician specializing in molecular and cellular medicine, I find myself constantly fascinated by the world of tiny molecules and the complex dance of cells. 

Imagine a world where treatments are designed specifically for your genetic makeup, where we can heal damaged organs by coaxing the body to repair itself, or where a single alteration in our genes can reverse inherited disorders. That’s the world I work in.

From exploring the universe of proteins in our cells, which might just hold the keys to understanding countless diseases, to harnessing the immense power of our immune system to combat cancer, this field is truly revolutionizing how we approach medicine. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

We’re on the brink of using nanoparticles to precisely deliver drugs, understanding the deep secrets of our genetic ‘switches’ in epigenetics, and integrating vast amounts of biological data to see the bigger picture in systems biology.

This is my little corner of the internet to share the marvels of molecular and cellular medicine, and how it’s shaping a new age of medical treatment. 

So whether you’re a fellow specialist, a curious student, or just someone looking to understand the future of medicine, you’re in the right place!

Dr. Radha Krishna