Dr Killy Rames Naidu

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Dr Killy Rames Naidu
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Dr Killy Rames Naidu

Dr Killy Rames Naidu is a highly experienced and dedicated medical professional with extensive training and expertise.

Graduating from Crimea State Medical University, Dr Naidu has served in various capacities in both government and private healthcare sectors.

His roles have ranged from a Medical Officer at Melaka General Hospital to an Enforcement Officer at UKAPS, overseeing private healthcare facilities.

He has a strong background in emergency medicine, having worked in Accident & Emergency departments and led Rapid Response Teams.

Dr Killy is skilled in managing a wide range of medical conditions, with a focus on holistic patient care.

His proficiency extends to motivational speaking, leadership, and teamwork, demonstrating a well-rounded approach to healthcare.

Committed to continuous learning and improvement, Dr Killy Rames Naidu  keeps abreast of the latest medical developments and treatments.

His dedication to patient care is evident in his diverse work experience, encompassing general practice, emergency response, and healthcare administration.

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UNITY CLINIC, No 16, G Floor, Lebuh Bendahara 4 Off Jalan Raja Nong Taman Sejati 41200 Klang
No. 16G, Lebuh Bendahara 4, Taman Sejati, Klang, 41200, Malaysia

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