Dr Hj Mohd Azizan Bin Abdul Aziz

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dr hj mohd azizan

Dr Hj Mohd Azizan Bin Abdul Aziz

Dr Hj Mohd Azizan Bin Abdul Aziz embarked on his medical journey at the prestigious University of Malaya, earning his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) between 2002 and 2007.

His dedication to occupational health further led him to pursue numerous specialized certifications, including an OHD (NIOSH) in 2010, a CHRA (NIOSH) in 2011, and an Executive Master in Occupational, Safety, and Health from Universiti Selangor in 2015.

His continuous pursuit of knowledge is exemplified by his recent achievements in 2023 – a Post Graduate Certificate in Occupational Medicine and a Certificate in Nutritional Medicine.

Dr Hj Mohd Azizan

Dr Hj Mohd Azizan's career began with foundational roles in the medical field. He served as a Houseman at Tawau Hospital from 2007 to 2008 and progressed to the position of Surgical Medical Officer at the same institution until 2009.

His leadership qualities shone through when he took charge as the District Medical Officer at Telupid/Beluran Hospital from 2009 to 2011.

He also notably held the position of A&E in charge at Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sandakan, in 2011.

With over a decade of experience, Dr Hj Mohd Azizan has become an Occupational Health Consultant. His competencies are wide-ranging and include roles such as Occupational Health Doctor, Chemical Health Risk Assessor, and Noise Risk Assessor.

His expertise extends to ergonomics, where he has been trained both initially and at an advanced level by Pipit Consultancy since 2019.

Dr Hj Mohd Azizan's career is marked by significant contributions in various capacities. He has been pivotal in areas such as medical surveillance, audiometric testing, chemical and noise management, and ergonomic risk assessment.

His work with DAB Occupational Health Sdn Bhd as a Primary OH Consultant and Chemclass Sdn Bhd, where he focuses on the classification of chemicals and occupational health trainings, are particularly noteworthy.

His role in managing COVID-19 vaccination centers in Libaran, Gum-Gum, and Apas Balung highlights his adaptability and commitment to public health.

Dr Hj Mohd Azizan is a certified NIOSH trainer, imparting knowledge in areas like Ergonomics, Manual Handling, and Basic Occupational First Aid.

He also conducts trainings in stress management, health promotion, and occupational safety in schools, emphasizing mental health and the dangers of smoking and vaping.

Fluent in both Malay and English, Dr Hj Mohd Azizan's strengths lie in his willingness to learn, flexibility, and excellent time management.

He is known for his team-oriented approach, independence, and analytical skills. His technical prowess includes expertise in chemical management and conflict resolution.

Dr. Hj Mohd Azizan Bin Abdul Aziz stands out as a dedicated and skilled Occupational Health Consultant, whose expertise and leadership have significantly contributed to the field of occupational health and safety.

His commitment to lifelong learning, combined with his practical experience, makes him a valuable asset in the medical community and an inspiring figure for aspiring health professionals.

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Klinik Perdana Sandakan, Bandar Perdana, Lorong 2, Blok B, Lot 13, Sandakan
Bandar Perdana, Batu 7, Sandakan, Sandakan District, Sandakan Division, Sabah, Malaysia

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