Dr Fouziah Hamzah

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Dr Fouziah Hamzah

Dr Fouziah Hamzah

Dr Fouziah Hamzah has dedicated over 27 years to the medical field, making significant strides as a compassionate and skilled physician.

Her journey began with her foundational training, where she earned a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Mahe in 1995.

This education laid the groundwork for her lifelong commitment to patient care and continuous learning.

After her graduation, Dr Fouziah Hamzah embarked on her medical career, which saw her take on the role of General Practitioner at Poliklinik Shaik from January 2011 to December 2020.

In this position, she managed a broad spectrum of medical conditions like pain management, arthritis, female reproductive health, and autoimmune diseases.

Her tenure at Poliklinik Shaik was characterized by her compassionate care and proficiency in managing complex cases, earning her a reputation as a trusted healthcare provider.

Continuing her journey, Dr Fouziah Hamzah served as a Primary Care Physician at Skyhill Clinic from May 2021 to October 2022.

Here, she focused on a holistic approach to medicine and in areas such as Hormone Balance, Epigenetics, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Weight Management, Skin Disease, and Autoimmune Disease.

Her approach at Skyhill Clinic was marked by a patient-centered methodology, integrating advanced medical practices with a deep understanding of individual health needs.

Throughout her career, Dr Fouziah Hamzah has maintained a philosophy of care that prioritizes the patient first.

She tailors care to individual needs, combining her extensive experience with ongoing learning to ensure her patients receive the most current and effective treatments. Her approach is holistic, treating not just symptoms but the person as a whole.

Dr Fouziah Hamzah continues to be an advocate for comprehensive and compassionate healthcare, dedicating her career to the well-being and betterment of her patients.

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Kota Damansara
Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Petaling, Selangor, 47810, Malaysia

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