RK Healthcare Professionals Training Centre

Check out the following videos on what the Dashboards are in the RK Health Professionals member area, and how to use them. Please do NOT skip any videos, and view them in order starting from the first video at the top, to the last video at the bottom, to understand them fully and get the best results from your efforts. Also please READ the instructions below each video as they may contain additional information not covered in the video above them, or slightly modify some of the information covered in the video in some way.

The 3 Dashboards

There are 3 Dashboards in the RK Health Professionals member area that you will login here. Discover how to use them in this video above.

Dashboard 1: The Affiliate Dashboard

This video shows you how to create your Affiliate links and share it with your patients, friends and network to refer them to this website and/or directly to the RK XERO product page. If they make a purchase of RK XERO, you will earn a 20% commission on their purchase at retail price.

This video shows you how to create QR Codes that contain your Affiliate link. There’s nothing to type (or mistype), just share the image of the respective QR Codes with your prospect. Discover also how to use these QR Codes to earn Affiliate commissions on sales of RK XERO while you sleep.

How To Register Your Bank Account For Affiliate Commission Payouts

This video shows you how to register your bank account for your commissions as an Affiliate to be paid to you. This is the only way your commissions will be paid (no cheques will be issued), so pay close attention and do the necessary ASAP.

Dashboard 2: The 10% Discount Coupon Dashboard

How To Earn A 10% Discount On Your Next Purchase Of RK XERO

This video is for those who don’t want to be Affiliates, or Affiliates who want to earn a 10% discount on their next RK XERO purchase. I didn’t mention this in the video above, but BOTH doctors who are not/do not want to be Affiliates, AND doctors who want to be Affiliates, can use a special referral link to earn this discount coupon good for their next RK XERO purchase.

If their referral buys RK XERO (at retail or wholesale price) via this special referral link (which is NOT an Affiliate link), they will get a 10% discount coupon good for their next purchase at wholesale price.

Dashboard 3: RK XERO Wholesale Price Page

How To Buy RK XERO At Wholesale Price (For 1st-Time Buyers On This Site)

This video shows you how to buy RK XERO at wholesale price for the 1st time ON THIS WEBSITE (irrespective of you used to order in the past). You must be a doctor registered with us to be able to do this.

Please note that there is a slight amendment to the above video for you to get FREE shipping on your orders. To qualify for FREE shipping (West Malaysia only), you need only order a minimum of 50 boxes. This is a nice round number for you to remember.

Please DO NOT order 51 boxes just to qualify for free shipping as shown in the video. The earlier qualification for free shipping is 51 boxes and above, and some doctors ordered 51 boxes for this purpose. This is because each carton to be sent to you can fit exactly 50 boxes of RK XERO, which means that the order fulfilment house will have to use another carton just to ship that one extra box of RK XERO, which is a waste of a carton.

However, if you’re ordering 55 boxes or more, then the extra carton is justified. Or simply order in multiples of 50 boxes — like 100 boxes, or 150 boxes. If you do, 2 or 3 cartons, each containing 50 boxes, will qualify for free shipping.

How To Check Your Previous Orders And Easily Re-Order RK XERO (For Repeat Buyers On This Site)

This video is for those who have ordered RK XERO before on this website and you want to check your previous orders, or print or download each order’s invoice for tax and accounting purposes.

It’s also for you to know how to easily re-order RK XERO without having to re-type your details again like the first time you ordered RK XERO on this website. You can do this in just a few clicks, thus saving you a lot of time.